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 Grade 12 Repertoire: Assignment #3 – “Music Everywhere”

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Grade 12 Repertoire: Assignment #3 – “Music Everywhere” Empty
PostSubject: Grade 12 Repertoire: Assignment #3 – “Music Everywhere”   Grade 12 Repertoire: Assignment #3 – “Music Everywhere” Icon_minitimeSat Apr 12, 2008 5:06 pm

Grade 12 Repertoire: Assignment #3 – “Music Everywhere”

Music has become such a part of our lives, that we are often not aware of its presence. For example, when I go to the gym, there is constantly music playing. But, I am accustomed to simply tuning it out whenever I am there. However, there are times when it just gets on my nerves.
Some people feel that music is overused in our society, and therefore loses some of its meaning and importance. In the next month, your job is to listen for music…any time or place (total of 5). The more unusual, the better.
Next, you need to answer the following for each.

- Place and Time
- Type and Description of Music
- Purpose of the Music
- My Reaction

Check out my example…

Place and Time: At school, during the beginning of morning announcements

Type and description of Music: Well-known classical-style pieces. Usually fast and energetic. Ex: the Barber of Seville”, “William Tell Overture”, Theme from “Superman”

Purpose of the Music: To get kids to go to class.

My Reaction: Although I like the music, and I have heard it before, it is starting to get annoying because I hear it every day. Also, it means that I have to go to class. Therefore it is a bit depressing.

It is possible to do this in a chart form. Just make sure that your answers are complete (point form answers are permissible).

When you have collected five examples (and details), give a general reaction in a well thought out answer (minimum ½ page). Use the questions below as a guide to help you figure out what to say. They do NOT need to be answered specifically.

What general things did you notice about where and when you heard the music?
What specific places or times did you hear music that was unusual or unexpected?
Where there places that you heard music, where before you were just not aware of it, and blocked it out?
Do you think that music is present in too many places in our lives?
How else could music be used effectively?
Should there be some laws or guidelines about where music can or should be used?

10 examples of music with complete answers: 2 x 5 = 10 Marks
Paragraph with your thoughts clearly presented in an intelligent manner: 10 Marks
Completeness, Neatness, Grammar: 5 Marks

Total: 25 Marks
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Grade 12 Repertoire: Assignment #3 – “Music Everywhere”
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