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 Grade 11 Repertoire: Assignment #1 – “TV Themes”

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Grade 11 Repertoire: Assignment #1 – “TV Themes” Empty
PostSubject: Grade 11 Repertoire: Assignment #1 – “TV Themes”   Grade 11 Repertoire: Assignment #1 – “TV Themes” Icon_minitimeTue Apr 15, 2008 5:22 pm

Grade 11 Repertoire: Assignment #1 – “TV Themes”

This month your job is to listen to as many TV themes as you can. They can be from sitcoms, game shows, sports channels, or any other type of show on TV. Find any three that you think are musically very effective, and then do the following…(This’ll be really easy, right?)

1. Tell what show the theme is from. Be sure to briefly explain what type of show it is and when it is on (remember, I don’t watch a lot of TV).
2. Describe the music: explain the tempo, dynamics, the instruments that are playing, and what they are doing.
3. Explain what it is about the music that makes it suit the show really well. Think about this VERY carefully. For example, if the show is exciting, and you think the music is exciting, what makes it that way? Be specific.

Remember to write in sentences.
Please type your report.
This should be three paragraphs in length.

6 marks per paragraph (4 marks for explaining the music, 2 marks for explaining how it suits the show). 3x6=18 marks.
2 marks for spelling, typing, explaining the show, writing in paragraphs…etc.

Total 20 marks
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Grade 11 Repertoire: Assignment #1 – “TV Themes”
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