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 Grade 11 Repertoire: Assignment #2 – “Censorship in Music”

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Grade 11 Repertoire: Assignment #2 – “Censorship in Music” Empty
PostSubject: Grade 11 Repertoire: Assignment #2 – “Censorship in Music”   Grade 11 Repertoire: Assignment #2 – “Censorship in Music” Icon_minitimeTue Apr 15, 2008 5:28 pm

Grade 11 Repertoire: Assignment #1 – “Censorship in Music”

Read the following articles on censorship (see Ms. Kervin or Mr. Hilland for the articles). If you don’t know what censorship is, please inform yourself! Using these and any other resources on the subject of censorship in music, answer the following questions:

1. Explain why people are for and against censorship in music. (Explain both sides separately). There may be more than one reason for each.
2. What are your views regarding this issue? Explain your reasoning citing some kind of proof or backup.
3. What realistic solution can be found to some of the issues of censorship that would satisfy most people? Explain fully.

The answer to each question should take at least a paragraph (or more). Write in full sentences and explain yourself completely.


Explanation of both sides………10
Your views with proof……………10
A solution with explanation……10

Total 30 marks
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Grade 11 Repertoire: Assignment #2 – “Censorship in Music”
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