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 Grade 10 Repertoire: Listening Assignments

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Grade 10 Repertoire: Listening Assignments Empty
PostSubject: Grade 10 Repertoire: Listening Assignments   Grade 10 Repertoire: Listening Assignments Icon_minitimeTue Apr 15, 2008 5:36 pm

Grade 10 Repertoire: Listening Assignments

During the course of this year you will be required to listen to a variety of different music and prepare a short report based on what you have heard.

For each assignment, your job is to listen to approximately one hour of one particular style of music. Then, prepare a report a minimum of 250 words in length in which you discuss the following:

- instrumentation
- lyrics (topic, language used)
- overall style of the music
- your reaction (things you liked or disliked and why). This is the most important one!

There are many styles of music to choose from. For example:

Classical, Romantic, Baroque, 20th Century, Latin, Jazz, Folk, Pop, Classic Rock and Roll (50's - 70's), music of other countries, dance, Motown, Country.

These are just a few ideas. Some of these styles are actually quite broad. For example, there are many different styles of jazz music. Once you have listened to a particular stye of music for one assignment, you must choose another style for your next one. The school library has quite a few different CD=s and styles to listen to which can be signed out.

Finally, each listening assignment can count for up to 1 and 2 hours in your 110 hours on your repertoire log sheet.


Completeness: listing the title(s), composer(s), instrumentation, overall style, description of the music you heard (using correct music terminology). 5 Marks
Your Comments: your impression of the overall musical style and effect with detailed observations to backup your comments. 10 Marks

Total: 15 marks each assignment.
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Grade 10 Repertoire: Listening Assignments
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