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A forum for anyone in the Music Dept. for information, event updates, rehearsals and stuff..
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 Grade 12 Music: Theme and Variation and Harmony

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Grade 12 Music: Theme and Variation and Harmony Empty
PostSubject: Grade 12 Music: Theme and Variation and Harmony   Grade 12 Music: Theme and Variation and Harmony Icon_minitimeWed May 28, 2008 10:45 am

You will be performing your theme and variation likely during the last week of class in June. At this time you will also be handing in your score to me as well as sending the Finale file to my “submit” folder (S:\Hilland). Be sure to copy and paste your finale (.mus) file from your folder to mine. DO NOT SAVE YOUR OPEN FINALE FILE DIRECTLY TO MY FOLDER. The file will be corrupt and unplayable. Your final evaluation will be as follows:

General Setup (5 marks)• Title
• Date
• Composer
• Tempo Marking

Harmony Parts (20 marks)
• At least 3 articulations (per part)
• At least 2 dynamics (per part)
• Correct notes and rhythms according to the chord
• Interesting and complementary parts to the melody

Melody (20)
• At least 5 articulations
• At least 4 dynamics
• Correct rhythms
• Effective and interesting melody using correct chord tones
• All non-chord tones circled

Variation (10)
• More complex than the theme
• Direct relationship between theme and variation
• Harmony parts are altered to fit the more complex melody of the variation

Performance (20)
• Correct notes, rhythms, articulations, phrasing and dynamics as notated
• Overall musicality – including tone quality, tuning, etc…

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Grade 12 Music: Theme and Variation and Harmony
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